Receipts 2.0 Beta

If you are interested in participating in the beta program, please get in contact via

New Database and Sync

Receipts' database engine has been replaced by a blockchain based implementation which implements often requested features:

  • Sync: The Receipts library can now be placed on any shared or synced location, including Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Resilio Sync, any NAS etc. Once the changes have been updated in the file system Receipts will merge these conflict free.
  • End-to-end encryption: The data placed on shared locations can be fully encrypted using state of the art encryption algorithms. This will alow you to place your sensitive data on locations you might not fully trust.
  • iOS app: An iOS app with integrated document scanner, text and feature recognition and full sync over Cloud Drive is also available. You can process your receipts now the moment you see them.
  • Serverless: All these features do not require any server installation or custom Cloud service. You use the services you already use and trust to share data between devices.
  • Backup: Since you can have more than one library feeding your current database they also behave as backups, which always stay in sync.
  • Offline: Working offline is no problem, because all your data is locally. Once you get access to a library you have put on a shared location the database will sync.

All this will allow to bring the development of Receipts to the next level.

Other Changes

  • Better plausibility check for per tax rate split


  • New documentation
  • GoBD