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After a few years, it was time to update the website. For the last version, I had even developed my own static website generator called Hostic and everything went wonderfully. But even though I love reinventing the wheel, I only did it halfway for this new attempt.

Basically, this website consists of Vue and Markdown. A static version of this is created so that the corresponding page with content is available for each URL. This allows the website to be easily indexed by search engines and the loading time is very short. The process is called SSG (Server-Side Rendering).

The highlight, however, is that this approach allows dynamic elements to be integrated into the website and even individual posts. A first example is the interactive registration for my e-mail newsletter, because I simply insert <AppNewsletter/> at this point:

Another thing that makes things easier is the use of Obsidian as a Markdown editor for the content. I use this practical tool every day anyway and can thus easily maintain the content.

Obsidian Callouts

Obsidian’s Callouts are also supported. Also known as Github Alerts. This is made possible by the practical Markdown Plugin.

I derived my own approach from the great project Vitesse. The technique used is almost identical, but I had to make a few adjustments for my purposes.

Published on December 6, 2023

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